Solar Street Lightening Systems

The Luminous Solar range of street lighting systems is completely self contained, requiring no electricity line extensions and are Maintenance-free, and making them ideal for locations where utility Power is unavailable or uneconomic. Luminous Solar manufactures and trade complete outdoor lighting systems inclusive of various lights, Bulk heads, solar modules, solar charge controllers, batteries And poles.

The luminous Solar Designer Lighting Systems combine the latest technology available to provide years of reliable, low maintenance operation. The factory assembled electronic control panel and batteries are contained in a “slim-line”, outdoor enclosure and fully tested for simple, trouble-free installation. The Sodium lamp is a monochromatic (yellow-orange) light source, preferred for unobtrusive lighting. LEDs are 6500K color temperature producing bright white light and are not affected by temperature extremes. Sealed, maintenance-free, deep-cycle batteries are designed to provide 2-3 year life based on average 15% daily depth of discharge.

High power LED lighting (Light Emitting Diodes)

Luminous Solar designs and manufactures LED lights primarily intended for solar power applications that can also be used for AC grid power sites.
CFL Based Solar Street Light

High power LED lighting (Light Emitting Diodes)

Key Features :
  1. • High efficiency electronic circuitry
  2. • Very low self-consumption
  3. • 100% short circuit protection
  4. • Surge/lightning protected
  5. • Perfect design, Easy Installation
  6. • PWM MOSFET based solar charge controller for efficient battery charging.
  7. • Automatic dawn dusk operation (with timer-optional)
  8. • Highly Economic and reliable.
  9. • Single Battery Type
  10. • Temperature Compensated Battery charging.
  11. • Approved by MNRE Govt, of India
  12. • "Fit and forget" device.
  13. • Excellent for remote villages
  14. • Low maintenance
  15. • One time installation
  16. • High reliability and durability
  17. • More intensity of light

MNRE approved solar LED and CFL Lights are available.
Customized solutions for solar LED and CFL lights are also available.

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